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How to establish a school carpool in St. Mary's County

In an effort to transport youngsters to school more efficiently, parents often band together to form carpools in Southern Maryland. Those who are new to the area or school may not know where to turn to team up with other like-minded parents.
Ridesharing is an effective way to get children to and from school and divide the responsibilities among parents. Carpooling reduces vehicular congestion in and around the school, cuts down on car emissions in the atmosphere and also helps multiple families save time. Furthermore, carpooling can offset fuel costs and cut down on wear and tear on a vehicle for those parents who live far away from their kids' schools.

Choosing carpoolers
Parents who live nearest to you are the most likely choices for carpoolers. Most schools funnel children from specific areas into one school, so look for parents of school-aged youngsters in the immediate vicinity of your home.

Many school communities now have an online presence through social media, and this can make finding people to share carpooling responsibilities with that much easier. Keep in mind that if you are new to the school and/or community, it could take more time to establish yourself as a reliable and safe driver among other parents. Remember, when it comes to the safety of their children, many parents are not quick to let them hop into the car with just anyone. The same principle exists when you are looking for a carpool. You'll want to develop a relationship with the parents prior to the start of the carpool to ensure you feel comfortable with your child riding along with this person.

Establish a schedule
Carpooling will blend the schedules of a few different families together. It is important to map out a schedule so that all days of the week are covered. There should be a contingency plan should one driver not be able to carpool that day due to illness or other commitments.

Carpooling safety
Even if you are close friends with someone who will be ridesharing, you will want to be certain of their driving skills prior to their driving your kids to school. All parents involved in the carpool should bring their safety concerns and rules to the table to be sure everyone has the same priorities.

The size of vehicles will play a role in carpooling safety. Each child should have ample room to sit and his or her own seat belt. If booster or car seats are still required, the car should fit the seats comfortably so that all passengers have the correct safety equipment. No child should be allowed to ride unsecured, in the front seat under the required age by law or in the rear cargo area of a sport utility vehicle.

If you need a vehicle large enough for this years carpool check out Cheseldine Auto Sales inventory online.  If you don't see what you are looking for, let us know and we'll look for you.
A carpool reduces the number of cars on the road and also helps conserve time and resources among several different households.

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